Flipboard, an amazing information hub

First of all, please read the title of this article once more before proceeding. I’ll be talking about information and not only news. That’s why I consider Flipboard much better than any RSS reader. So let me explain it in more detail.

This is what I’m subscribed to:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • SoundCloud
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

I also follow some Flipboard magazines.

The fist thing I do in the morning while drinking my coffee is check LinkedIn posts from my contacts. I’m only connected to people I know, so I like to see what they are up to. Then I skim through The Economist and The Guardian. Since I’m an Economist subscriber I’m just checking the latest articles by title. As for The Guardian, I send what I’m interested on to Instapaper. As I browse through what I sent to Instapaper I mark (by clicking on the heart icon) the articles that I want to save to Evernote. You can set this up at Connected Accounts under Settings.


This is were most of my daily reading happens. But tough I have my entire Twitter feed available at Flipboard, things get much more interesting when you are using Lists. At Twitter I created several of them. Some examples are: economics, politics, products and services, people etc. When I start following a new company, news site, person or politician I immediately add it to one of my Lists.

Back to Flipboard you can set your Lists as individual magazines. To do this, go to the Twitter feed and press the word Twitter at the top of the page. Select Your Lists and tap the List you want to add. You will now see the content of that List on the screen and the add icon. Keep adding as many as you want. By the way, you can do exactly the same with Facebook Groups and Pages. And there are much more adding options at Twitter as you can see bellow (left screen).

The nice thing of having all lists set as magazines is that I can read everything at once using the main feed or go straight to the subject I’m interested on. And while reading I also send larger articles to Instapaper and go though them during my commute.


After checking all the news it’s time to catch up with my friends activity. Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Flickr is where I do it. But keep in mind that in order for this to work smoothly you’ll need to clean up your social media friends’ list. I did this a while ago removing a lot of not-real-friends and now I don’t spend an absurd amount of time skipping every pet, marriage and child picture.

And since Flipboard lets me interact with the posts I can easily like, retweet, +1 or comment on anything without leaving the App. Sometimes I also listen to The Economist and other news using SoundCloud. You can even listen while reading and going though the pages. If you like, you can also watch YouTube videos from channels you follow.

I don’t have friends in my Google Plus Circles, but I’m part of some amazing travel and photography Communities and all the posts show up in my Flipboard.

Flipboard is not only about news, it works as a hub to all the information I want to follow or interact with. That’s why I love this App and use it every morning.